Monday, October 27, 2008

Toybiz Lord of the Rings Battle Cry Uruk Hai, Crossbow Uruk Hai & Berserker

In the Lord of the Rings movie, the Uruk Hai were a strain of Orcs that were first created by Sauron by crossing Orcs with Goblin-men. They appeared in the Two Towers when they were deployed by Sauron in the Battle of Helm's Deep.
In the Battle of Helm's Deep, there were 5 different types of Uruk Hai. There were the Swordsmen, Pikesmen, Crossbow Uruk Hai, Sappers & Berserkers.

The pikesmen were conceived primarily for defending the Uruk Hai ranks against the Rohirrim; a tightly clustered row of pikes meant that the horsemen would be kept at a distance, allowing the crossbow Uruk Hai to pick them off. Their secondary role was to help push the siege ladders up when they were being raised against the Deeping Wall. The thin eye slit in the helmet forces the Uruk Hai to look up the Deeping Wall.
The crossbow Uruk Hai primary role was to shoot down the enemies with the crossbow. As the crossbow had a set poundage and draw which meant that it required less training with to achieve accuracy. This was perfect for Sauron's army as it was set up quickly with little training for the Uruk Hai.
Berserkers were the larger, even more fearsome versions of the Uruk Hai. Before they went into battle, it is said that the bowl of their small, tight fitting helmet was filled with blood of their enemy than pushed onto their heads. This intoxicating smell awakened a bloodlust that drove them into a battle-frenzy. Their main objective was to establish a bridgehead hence they wore no armour or any sort of protection.

Toybiz did only the Pikesmen, Crossbow Uruk Hai & Berserker. It would have been nice if we could have the Swordsmen and Sappers as well. Just to have the complete Uruk Hai army!
Toybiz did a great job in the sculpting department and added a great amount of details which was not only good but movie accurate (as far as I can see).
I guess its always easier to capture monsters' likeness as compared to humans.
Each Uruk Hai also comes with their specific (movie accurate) & removable helmet. A great plus for me.
Battle cry Uruk Hai (pikesmen) comes with his pike and burning torch. Crossbow Uruk Hai comes with a crossbow, a pouch to contain his 5 arrows. The Berserker comes with his only weapon, a huge sword with a five-foot blade and a foot-long double spike at the end!
The only minor flaw in all 3 figures is that of their action feature which restricts articulation. However this is understandable as they are supposed to be mass market toys targeted as kids.

Overall great figures and great toy line to collect

Battle Cry Uruk Hai - Pikesmen

Crossbow Uruk Hai




Joshua said...

wahhhh i'm drooling at all that lotr figures bro!

and that last picture with the caption was seriously hilarious...

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Joshua! I am in the LOTR groove at the moment!HaHaHa

neoconvoy said...

if i ever go your house, these will be the figures that i will steal...muahahahaha....

i missed the LOTR bandwagon previously, cos I was not into them..i missed the 6" and 12" (or bigger ?) Treebeard, and by the time i started buying (for articulation btw), i only managed to get gollum and that spider (forgot the name)...

now i cant find these figures at a decent price...

desmond said...

Although I don't follow LOTR, can see all these figures are well detailed and painted. Cantik sia!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Just pop by and notice you have nice collection of 12" figures. So you are into LOTR, DC & marvel figures.

cosmicbaby said...

Never knew Toybiz could produce nice stuff! Kool collection!

Little Plastic Man said...

TED - You seem to be in a stealing mood...judging from the fact you plan to steal the Centurions from Des (count me in)...LOL. Yar, the LOTR line was what started me in toy collecting again! Oh the spider's name is Shelob.
Dennis - Thanks for popping by. I mostly collect movie related figures. However recently I also included GI joe, Transformer.
Des & Marcus - Yes. I really like the LOTR toyline hence I decided to blog it. However there are still some misses!

desmond said...

@LPM and Ted - No need to steal from me..You can buy it at CSC and flea market as well. They are selling at S$60 for each character..HAHA!!


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