Saturday, October 18, 2008

Matt Trakker from M.A.S.K as G.I. Joe Specialist Trakker

Yes!! Matt Trakker from M.A.S.K will be included as a single carded G.I. Joe figure.
Matt was the leader of M.A.S.K (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) and the cartoon & toys were a huge hit in the 80s. Matt Trakker's vehicle was Thunderhawk, a sports car that could go into flight.
My favourite character is Dusty Hayes who drove Gator, a jeep that could turn into a speedboat.
Even though the main element of M.A.S.K was the vehicles, I am happy that Hasbro has done this. I suspect that there will be more figures! Dusty! cough Dusty! cough :P
Looks like I need to have another G.I. Joe wall!

Beautiful card art!

Matt & ThunderHawk in full 80s glory!

Dusty & Gator!


desmond said...

I have Matt and Thunderhawk..Unfortunately, had given some of my mask toys to neighbours during my secondary school time..Haiz!! wat a waste!!

Little Plastic Man said...

So wasted Desmond! My cousin too had so much M.A.S.K toys and he just gave it away! If I was into collecting toys at that time, I would have grabbed them all! Imagine your display with all the vintage M.A.S.K toys...drool

desmond said...

I manage to keep some of my favourite..

Little Plastic Man said...

Post pics leh! HaHaHaHa!

desmond said...

I will post it. But wait till I clean up my room one day..Very lazy nowadays..Haha!!


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