Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How I envy.................

Here I am siting in my office, bored with work as usual, reading all the toy blogs and websites I know.
I came across Desmond and Shaun's posting on how they could visit their fav toys shop during lunch or after work. That got me thinking how lucky if your workplace is close to places you enjoying going. You could drop by during lunch, or sneak an hour or two if you get bored working and need some recharge time.
I am currently working in an industrial estate in the west of Singapore, so I am practically away from any shopping area so no chance to go for a toy shopping spree during lunch time or pick up any pre-ordered toys when you get the email/sms/phone call notifying you that the long awaited toy is here.

On the other hand, being far away from the shops will help me reduce any impulse buys. LOL



Juliana said...

Controlling impulse toy buying is good! :)

desmond said...

But sometimes you really cannot escape buying because you like that particular toy very very much. Then it's very hard to "Control". As a toy collector, I believe this is the common contradiction on all of us..

Juliana said...

Hee, I have a monthly budget for toys and I spend within it. Any leftover funds are rolled over for next month in case there are sales :)

Basically it's best to stay focused on a particular toyline or a niche within a vast toyline. We can never finish collecting every toy.

The toy companies will forever come up with new stuff or variants to fuel our toy addictions. It's a never ending vicious cycle, of which we are willing parties... :P

Little Plastic Man said...

Agree with both Desmond and Juliana. To aid my decision to buy a toy, I usually categorize it into 3 groups
Grp 1 - Must buy! No matter what.
Grp 2 - Can live without. If cheap can buy, if not wait for discount.
Grp 3 - Not interested!
But I must admit sometimes Grp 1 toys are actually impulse buys.....hahaha


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