Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mezco South Park

South Park is my all time fav cartoon. It's crude, rude and politically incorrect but every story actually has an underlying lesson in which we can learn from.
Hence when the toys came out, it was a given that I had to collect all of the characters. However to my disappointment, it is pretty hard to get South Park toys at a reasonable price here in sunny Singapore. I only managed to get the following:

1) Fingerbang Box Set
2) Hippie Exterminator Cartman
3) Jimmy
4) Mr Garrison
5) Big Gay Al

The South Park toy line was actually done by 2 companies, Mirage & Mezco. This gave us the opportunity to see how one can go so wrong and the other so right.
What Mirage did wrong was to get the proportion wrong, while Mezco was spot on. Mezco also made the arms as separate pieces which made them more like action figures as compared to Mirage where the whole figure was sculpted as one.
I also like the way they made the chin on Big Gay Al protrude making it more realistic. Another cool feature could be found on Hippie Exterminator Cartman. The eyebrows are movable so Cartman could actually have different facial expressions just by moving the eyebrows. Simple and yet ingenious!
The paint is decent but could be better.
The accessories are in line with the cartoon series and you will be able to identify them if you follow the series.

Overall, these are solid figures. If you are a fan of the cartoon, they are a must have. I only wish that I could get more characters. Some of my fav characters are Jesus, Mr Salve, Terrance and Phillip, Timmy & Butters!

Fingerbang Box Set

Hippie Exterminator Cartman


Mr Garrison

Big Gay Al

Upon Leon's request...

Some of my favorite quotes from South Park


LEon said...

Hey you didn't kill kenny! :P

Little Plastic Man said...

Leon...your request is granted!!

Dash MacBastard said...

LOL. Classic! I love these.

LEon said...

thx! Look like the real duel man!

Joshua said...

lol...the killing of kenny addition was HILARIOUS!!! great job adrian!!!

Jcee said...

LOL love the quotes part!

Anonymous said...

hey may i know where you got these toys at???

Little Plastic Man said...

I got these at China Square Centre in Singapore!

htet myat said...

Hello dude !
I used to find my fav characters at China Square Central. But I didn't see South Park toys.. Could u please give me shop's name? and I also want The Simpson's family toys :) some directions? plz.. thx

Little Plastic Man said...

hi htet myat. The shop that i got some of the south park figures is already gone.
hard to get South Park figures now. Maybe at Vincent's toy collection at CSC


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