Monday, February 2, 2009

Just out of curiosity...

I was at a marketing off-site today and the topic on what customers really think about a brand came on. Marketeers or management may have a completely different idea from the customer of what their brand represents in the market.
Interestingly, there is a website, brand tags, which tells us what a consumer really thinks of a brand. The basic idea of this site is that a brand exists entirely in people's heads. Therefore, whatever it is they say a brand is, is what it is. How this is done is that the website will show you a brand logo and you will type in the first word that pops into your head! From there, you can see what consumers are actually saying about a particular brand. Really interesting.

I tried to find some toy companies on the website but to no avail, hence I decided to do this little experiment just out of curiosity.
I will list down some toy companies and you guys tell me what is the first word that pops into your head for each of them. I will gather the data for 30 days (the experiment will end on the 3rd of March 09 23:59 Singapore time) and will share with you guys what each toy brand actually means to us.

In order to make sure that people will not be swayed by others, please do not respond in the comments but send it to this email
BTW, you do not need to do for all the companies listed, just do the ones you know.

Ok. Here are the companies

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