Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another BIG one!

You either love the design or hate it. After giving us the AT-TE aka "The BIG One", Hasbro has decided to hit us with another big one. This time the nice people at Hasbro are giving us the turbo tank.
The turbo tank is one of the most enormous Republic military vehicles introduced during the Clone Wars. It is a ten-wheeled titan bristling with weapons and covered in thick armor. With a blocky design and seemingly simplistic engineering, the turbo tank epitomizes unstoppable brute force tactics favored by the clone troopers.
Now the problem...where got space!!
More pics from

The packaging


LEon said...

Don't look very starwars. Remind me of starcoms instead. :P But it look fun for a toy with all troopers in it.

The Rebel said...

agree with leon...

Looks a tad bit like one of Starcom's vehicle........but imagine the amount of clonies it can hold inside!! :)

Shin said...

U buying when it arrives? I see liao I quite gian. If got money may consider.

Little Plastic Man said...

Yup...either you love the design or hate it. But I must admit I like it.
Shin - I also quite gian...I now also feel like getting the AT-TE plus lots of clone trooper. Problem is no space...:P

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Need to also buy a few more clone troopers as passengers. It will be an excellent playset.

Joshua said...


BEEN wanting to get at-te. price dipped at one point to 160 on christmas but i didn't get its back to 219....

though i find atte more worthwhile opposed to turbo tank in terms of looks but functions i think turbo tank is cooler!!!

@ leon - turbo tank was seen in ROTS the beachfront battle..


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