Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yipee! More GI Joe!

Could not get this guy at CSC recently as the price was a tad too expensive. Luckily the next day on Monday, I managed to get it at a much more reasonable price.
I really love this figure and the improved sculpt is really nice. I am so tempted to get another one so I can open and play with it while still be able to display the carded one on my GI Joe wall.

Cobra EEl

Info on Cobra EEls
Cobra EEl troopers are the underwater demolition specialists of the COBRA legions. They man and operate the COBRA marine outposts disguised as off-shore drilling rigs and augment the crews of larger COBRA naval vessels. They undergo a rigorous two-part training program in the warm shark and pirate infested waters of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean and in the frigid, dark depths of the North Atlantic. Their training regimen includes marine structural engineering, explosive ordnance, underwater fighting techniques and marine geology.
Hmmmm, too smart to be a small time Cobra trooper...I must say.

Closer look at the nice sculpt


LEon said...

Nice score bro. Do you still know where got sell the Mask + GI Joe Matt tracker? I couldn't find it in CSC during the weekdays...

Little Plastic Man said...

I thought I saw Matt at CSC. I think Invasion next to U-toys has.
Simply Toys at Plaza Singapura also have...$17.90

LEon said...

Plaza Singapura Simply toy is on which floor? Must go get!

desmond said...

Leon - just opposite the GV cinema at Plaza Singapura. David from Invasion at 2nd floor CSC got sell leh..Go check it out again..

Jcee said...

Wow! Awesome GIJoe wall!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I used to play G.I Joe figurine when I was kid and love watching the animation movie. The one Cobra Commander turned into a snake. Heard the CG movie is coming out and I don't think I will miss it.

Gd catch for a vintage figure still mint on card. Do you collect G.I Joe vehicle too?

G.I.Joe. YO! JOE!

Little Plastic Man said...

Leon - Did you managed to get Matt?
Thanks Jcee!
Dennis - This is not a vintage figure. Is the 25th anniversary GI Joe. They are improved sculpts on retro cards! That’s why I love them!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Interesting! Can't tell it's a reissued

LEon said...

I will pop by PS tomorow. :) If I got it, I will blog it!!


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