Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dragon Alexander the Great

Alexander is a 2004 film, based on the biography of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian King who conquered Asia Minor, Persia and Ancient India. Alexander was played by Colin Farrell and the film was directed by Oliver Stone. The movie was pretty terrible and not surprisingly grossed only US$34 million in the US and $132 million in overseas revenue.

Dragon produced an Alexander the Great figure and at first glance it looked like the movie's version. However after some detailed inspection, there are some areas (chest armor & sword) which are not movie accurate.
The head sculpt is pretty decent and if you look hard enough you can see Colin Farrell's likeness.
The sculpted hair is removable so that he is able to wear the helmet.
There are no joints on both the knees and so the legs have more of a "Barbie" look...if you know what I mean.
The chest armor has nice details but there is one area which is not movie accurate. In the movie, the main chest armor is an image of a man opening his mouth but the Dragon version is of a lion's head. The figure comes with a spear, sword & helmet. The sword is also not movie accurate. The helmet is an item I really like. I like the details on it and it is also quite close to the movie's version.

I know I have been saying a lot that the figure is not movie accurate however I really can't fault Dragon as this figure was never meant to be the movie's version. I actually bought this figure thinking that it was but overall I still think this is a decent figure.

The chest armor

A closer look at the helmet as compared to the movie


LEon said...

Nice figure? Did they do anything on Angelina Jolin? :P

Little Plastic Man said...

Nope, they did not do anything on Angelina Jolin. you like the figure? cause you put a ? after "nice figure"...:P

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

A great review on Alexander The Great. I always like ancient warrior figurine with armor and sword. In fact I kind of enjoy the movie a part from it being draggy and having a sad ending. The movie gave me the impression that Alexander is a gay too.

Little Plastic Man said...

Totally agree with you Dennis on the impression that Alexader is gay!

桂綸鎂May said...

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