Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Cobra Trooper!

The Cobra Paratrooper is not from the original 80s GI Joe line-up but it has got to be one of the coolest! The Paratrooper packs a lot of accessories and is one of the few GI Joes that I actually take out of its packaging. I felt it look even cooler out of its package.

Info on Cobra Paratrooper aka Para-Viper
Cobra Para-Viper troopers are the deadliest, most highly trained commandos in the Cobra Legions. They specialize in high-altitude, low-opening jumps to go behind enemy lines or infiltrate unsuspecting countries or targeted facilities to conquer, steal or cause generalized chaos. Cobra Para-Viper troopers are selected from the ranks of the Cobra Eel troopers and are chosen for their exceptional audacity, independent attitude and utter fearlessness. They are given a parachute, instructions and not much else; their purpose is to go in first and pave the way for the main assault force.

Yeah...Cobra Paratrooper free falling next to
my GI Joe Wall!

1 comment:

Mario! said...

That looks really cool in free fall.


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