Wednesday, April 8, 2009

McFarlane Guitar Hero

During the small Taka toy sale, I snagged myself 2 guitars from McFarlane Guitar Hero.
The heads, necks and bodies of the guitars are all interchangeable so you can mix and match to create your very own customised guitar!
The paint ops is pretty solid and I just love the designs on the guitars.
It also comes with a stand to hold the guitar.
I thought it looked pretty cool and could be used as accessories for 6" figures.
For only $6, I thought it was worth getting it for some fun!

Introducing Nightcrawler singing Radiohead's

Take it away!

I feel your pain man...round of applause for Nightcrawler


desmond said...

Are these 1/6 scale??

Brian said...

Lol, awesome site bro!

Little Plastic Man said...

No des, they are more 6" scale
Thanks Brian for dropping by!

Kenny said...

Like what you did with the guitars bro. And yeah, Radiohead totally rocks!

LEon said...

Nice score! Fit nightcrawler well.

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Kenny & Leon...I love Radiohead but only their older songs!


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