Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thinkway M-0

When I first bought my Thinkway Wall-E & Eve, I decided to leave out M-O (which was part of the series) as I felt that the scale was not movie accurate. M-O was almost the same size as Wall-E.
At that time, there was another Wall-E line running at a smaller scale (around 3 to 4") but it did not occur to me that I could buy M-O from this line and I would be able to have a better proportion between M-O, Wall-E and Eve.
When I figured that out, the figures became pretty hard to get.
Only recently, when I was at Simply Toys, I managed to get my hands on it for only $8. Yipee!
I have been impressed with Thinkway's Wall-E line and I think this figure is no exception. Sculpting is good for a mass market toy line. However I must admit the paint ops is a bit sloppy and M-O relies on stickers for some of his details, which feels and looks a bit cheap.
The figure comes with a base plus and 'transport vehicle', which he can sit on.

Overall, a nice figure to pose beside your other Wall-E figures.

M-O your best domestic help!


LEon said...

That's Cute! Maybe I should get one for my Wall.E

desmond said...

It's cute!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes go get it Leon!
Yup very cute Des!


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