Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nurse Joker

Thanks to Desmond for directing me to an ebay seller who was selling the nurse outfit (with wig) so I could kit bash my very own nurse Joker from The Dark Knight movie.

There were 2 main reasons why I bought this nurse outfit:
1) This version came with the wig which to me was a very important part to complete the nurse Joker's look. However, I do feel the wig is a bit off...
2) With Hot Toys coming out with the Gotham Cop Joker (with new Joker head sculpt and original Joker's costume) , this would mean that I would have all the version of the Joker that appeared in the movie. Joker in original costume, Nurse Joker, Bank Robber Joker and Gotham Cop Joker...yes it is now complete!

The packaging is surprisingly small but it packs many goodies:
1) 2 pairs of hands
2) Wig
2) File folder & pen
3) 1 nurse uniform
4) Watch and belt
5) Face mask
6) Remote control detonator
7) Pistol
8) White shoes
9) Stickers
10) Joker card
11) Black socks

For this kit bash, I used a Hot Toys True Body (Caucasian).
Overall, the nurse Joker is one of my favourite version of the Joker, hence the need to kit bash him as Hot Toys has not done this version.
You can read my other Dark Knight Toys review & news here.

Remote control detonator to blow up the hospital

The wig fits pretty well


LEon said...

You are right. the Wig is do look off. However the rest of the accessory look great! Joker FTW!

desmond said...

Good score bro!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes Leon, the Joker FTW!
Yes Des...thanks to you


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