Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Public Service Announcement

There is a toy sale at Taka's (Singapore) toys department.
Great discounts of more than 50%.
Mostly McFarlane's stuff.
1) Halo 3
2) Guitar Hero
3) Call of Duty (WW2)
4) Mattel's Cars.
The 13" Halo 3 Master Chief from McFarlane is selling at $29.90 down from $49.90
So hurry down if you are a McFarlane/Halo's fan or just want to buy something on impuse!
I did!


LEon said...

Thanks for the heads up. Any photos? LOL. How much the guitar selling there? Same as Spawn asia pricing?

Little Plastic Man said...

Guitar Hero Figures $12
2 guitar for $6
1 guitar for $4

desmond said...

Thanks for the update!!

LEon said...

Thanks for the update on the pricing. It is cheaper than spawn Asia. LOL

Kenny said...

When's this sale ending man?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thx for the intel Adrian!

Juliana said...

I went to Taka today and saw the Dragonball Evolution and Wolverine Origin movie toys there.

Some of these movie range action figures are so tiny at only 4-inches tall and very pricey too, at SGD 19.95 and SGD 18.90 each respectively!


Little Plastic Man said...

Yes Juliana, the 3.5" figures are pretty expensive but that's the standard price for 3.5" figures given that the Star Wars figures are priced around there. The Dragonball Evolution and Wolverine Origin figures are pretty crap so just be patience and I bet they will be on sale not too long!

Little Plastic Man said...

Sorry Kenny...never noticed when the sale will end...:P


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