Monday, March 16, 2009

Paper Toys Watchmen Ozymandias

My 4th paper toy Watchmen is Ozymandias.
2 more to go before I get my paper toy Watchmen group shot.
Ozymandias was rather fun to make but I am looking forward to doing Nite Owl.
You can view my other Watchmen paper toys here.

Ozymandias with his mask!

2 more to go!


LEon said...

wow a mask on/off feature? Cool! You are getting good at this bro.

Dash MacBastard said...

LOL. Love 'em!

desmond said...

Adrian, I think you should make Dr Manhanttan bigger and taller a bit..

The Rebel said...

Seriously bro, I think u shd get these patented or somthing before any unscrupulous corporate marketng exec spots these and decides to 'cash-in' by creating a new toy-line in the likes of Kubrick/minimates etc.


Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks guys!
Des - Dr Manhanttan same size as the rest...maybe is the photo angle which makes him looks smaller.
The Rebel - I really think that there are so many better paper toys artists out there! Don't think any "unscrupulous" marketing exec will bother abut mine...LOL.


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