Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yeah! It feels so good...

Ever since the birth of my son 7 months ago, most of my wife's and my free time have been devoted to our new Action Man!
However this weekend I was able to go on a shopping spree (mainly because I wanted to get Toys R Us exclusive G1 Transformers) and add on to my toy collection!

My Toy Haul:
1) DID 2nd Ranger Battalion Sniper "Private Daniel"
2) Toys R Us exclusive G1 Transformer Insecticons
3) Easy Model 1:72 tanks - Brummbar & Strum Tiger
4) Playmobil 4479 Deep Sea Diver
5) Mini Toons Plush Massager feels so good...

My Toy Haul!

Mini Toons Plush Massager that looks like a mace...
too cute to resist


Jcee said...

I LOLed @ "Action Man" haha, are you going to open those Insecticons?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Wow! Great buy! Is Toy 'R Us having sales? Spending on what you like most really is a wonderful experience.

LEon said...

Insecticons G1?? I totally missed that news! Can you do a review?

The Rebel said...

Great haul Adrian! It does feel good when u just scored so many cool collectibles in one go! :)

I personally dig Pvt Daniel...I opted to get Soldier Story's Ranger instead, so I'm eager to see your first-hand review on 'Barry Pepper'!

Cool Insecticons! Didja consider getting Perceptor as well bro?

Shaun said...

congrats on the huge haul, Adrian.

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Jcee...yes my Insecticons are coming out of their packaging!

Dennis - Toys R Us is having sale on selected items...go and check it out.

Of course Leon, will do the review! I love the Incesticons!

Rebel - I opted for DID because of the resemblances to Saving Private Ryan. Not thinking of getting Perceptor...hopefully can get it cheaper later.

Thanks was fun.

desmond said...

Yes Adrian, it feels so good if you spent on something you like. Looking forward to your review on the Sniper and Playmobil figurine. Nice score man!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Des will review soon...
You can also read Alex's review on the Playmobil Deep Sea Diver :


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