Monday, October 26, 2009

You just can't separate CSC from a toy collector

I have not been to the flea market at China Square Central for many months but you just can't separate CSC from a toy collector. Hence with wife and child in tow, we went to CSC on Sunday to see if I can pick up anything to add to my collection.

We reached CSC at around 1.30pm and it was quite crowded. There were some stalls with "Sale - Only today" & "Everything must go!" signs. I had fun walking around and looking at what was on sale.

Thanks to Dennis for linking me up with Alan as I also managed to meet up with him and get my hands on some vintage Machine Robo aka Gobots. Majority of the Robots were in bad shape (loose joints, paint wear and missing parts) but I was happy that I was able to obtain back some of the items of my youth.

CSC haul
1) McFarlane Austin Powers (Clad in little more than his British underwear and a massive fluff of "real" chest hair)
2) Loose Han Solo as AT-ST driver
3) Machine Robo aka Gobots


LEon said...

Good to see you enjoy yourself bro.

Bubbashelby said...

Nice Machine Robos! Would love to see more pics of them!

To answer your question from my blog - based on the picture, it looks like that Fitor has black wings due to chrome wear (there looks to be a tiny bit of chrome in the creases of the wings.)

desmond said...

I didn't go to CSC last Sunday. I heard from David that his business was better than last two weeks. Overall, it was pretty "quiet" in October. Anyway, great score for what you want so long :P

Little Plastic Man said...

Leon - Yes it was great fun
Eric - Thanks for the info...great that I can turn to you for Gobots advice!
Des - David's shop was pack when I went down last Sunday.

saruman said...

yes, i remembered the gobots well, it was my favourite until..... Transformers came to the screen!


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