Monday, November 2, 2009

Paper Toys Superman, General Zod, Ursa & Non from Superman 2

I always loved the Superman portrayed by the late Christopher Reeves (God bless his soul) & my favorite Superman movie was Superman 2. This was mainly due to the 3 villains (General Zod, Ursa & Non) which had exactly the same power as Superman!
It is pretty amazing that 3 of them with exactly the same power as Superman still could not finish Superman off. In the end, Superman managed to trick them into losing their about brains over brawl.
I realized that I did not have the greatest superhero in my paper toy collection hence decided to do the end I threw in the bad guys also.

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General Zod



The 3 super villains

3 against 1

Superman is surrounded

My favourite scene from the movie


LEon said...

WOW! I have to say the likeness of the characters in the movie in your toys are great! You are truly one superman fan. Like you I like Chris as Superman and they will be no replacement for him.

The Rebel said...

Nice one Adrian! 2 Thumbs up! Great likeness as well!!!

Now, how do I go and buy one set online? :p

desmond said...

I like Superman here..Great job!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks guys ! I had fun making these.
Rebel - I am trying my hardest to post my template online but I am so lazy...if you dont mind I can send you the templates thru email...

saruman said...


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