Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a lovely day

Went down to CSC with the family today just to "see, see"...however ended up buying a few big ticket items. You know it is going to be a lovely day when you have to go down to the ATM machine twice to withdraw money to pay for your purchases...LOL.

My Toy Haul:
1) Mattel 12" Ghostbusters Ray Stantz
2) DX Joker
3) Soldier Story US 2nd Ranger "Naked" body.

Will not be opening up most of my new purchases as I will be moving house in Feb 2010. I will keep them nice and snug in their packaging for easier transportation.
I did however take a peak at the DX Joker and boy was I blown away! Too bad I can't take him out to review but you can read the review at Alex's Toy Haven.

It was a great day but it seems that my ATM card did not enjoy seems to have comatose (it will feel much better tomorrow)! Too much withdrawal in a day!...LOL

A peak at the DX Joker

My ATM card resting for a full recovery!


Mario! said...

I hope your card is feeling better!

If there is one figure that makes me want to get into collecting 12 inch figures, it's that DX Joker. It's so cool.

alex teo said...

thanks for the plug adrian :)

hope your card gets a good rest so that it can work harder next week - ha! ha!

Shaun said...

nice scores and cool treatment table. Eh where you moving to bro?

desmond said...

Adrian, where did you buy the Ghostbuster 12inch figure? I didn't see it at CSC during daily lunch time. Great score for your DX Joker, that is an awesome piece..

LEon said...

My sentiment with Mario. DX joker really look worth it. Funny photo on your ATM card although your bank account is the one that is "bleeding". LOL

The Rebel said...

Wow! Nice haul bro! Ghostbusters rocks!!!! Thanks for further poisoning my mind with the DX Joker bro...LOL!! I still haven't picked mine up ATM won't allow me as yet, gotta wait till month end...which thankfully is just a few days away! :p

Little Plastic Man said...

Mario - My card is feeling much better...LOL. Yes the DX Joker is a real masterpiece!
Alex - Yes planning to get my Sentinel soon so my card will have to work again! LOL
Shaun - Bro, I moving to Pasir Ris. Near my Mum's place. Easier for me as I put my son at her place during the weekday. Will invite you guys for my house warming...hehe
Des - I got the Ghostbuster not from the main shops so you can only see it on Sunday. The stall sells alot of Matty exclusive!
Leon - My card represents my bank acct...LOL
Rebel - It was my pleasure to poison your mind with the DX Joker...:)

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