Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Too early to update the banner this time!

It is only Nov and I have already updated my Liverpool trophies banner twice. If our form continues like this, I will most probably be crossing out the other two trophies pretty soon. the early morning of Wednesday, Liverpool crashes out of the Champions League, a competition in which we were pretty dominant in the past seasons. Now we have to contest for the UEFA cup. (and I am not going to add that into my banner!)
I did however noticed something...since SingTel won the exclusive rights to show Champions League matches from StarHub, Liverpool crashes out from the competition! I shudder to think of next season when SingTel will have the exclusive rights to the BPL...will Liverpool be relegated...(touch wood!)...
The future looks bleak but You Will Never Walk Alone.

1 comment:

Shaun said...

celebrate our worst season in awhile by scoring the non-sponsored Liverpool home shirt!


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