Saturday, January 16, 2010

We are almost there!

Yes we are almost capping off a terrible season! We just need to finish this season out of the top 4! Can't be that hard based on what I am seeing.

We have crashed out of the league cup, Champions League and now the FA cup (and by Reading...OMG). PLUS we are way off the league! Really makes for confidence reading.

They say a true fan will stand by their team in their darkest hour and I will continue to support Liverpool no matter what. As our motto goes...You Will Never Walk Alone.

But please beat Stoke today...please.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I don't follow EPL but I do have a no of friends who are fans of Liverpool. I agree that a true fan will stand with the in their darkest hour. One must not support only the winning team.

Shaun said...

we are having a season of shit but we will walk on bro. It is easy to support a team in glory, but supporting a team when they are down, shows character.

Little Plastic Man said...

Totally agree guys!


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