Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dreams do come true

I have been passing up on numerous AT-AT in Toy stores and Ebay as I felt that the scale was really out of whack!
After witnessing Hasbro releasing the new Falcon (even though still not to scale), Turbo Tank, AT-TE and the AT-ST, I just knew that Hasbro could offer us a better AT-AT compared to what we have now.
Heard it from The Rebel, according to Hasbro, the planned AT-AT is supposedly going to feature lights, sounds, full leg articulation, chin guns, key phrases, a trap door and much more. It is also supposed to come with a Speederbike and figure.

Wow! It is going to be big and expensive but I want it!
I want it now!

Dreams do come true!

How much will you pay, if the AT-AT looks like that!


The Rebel said...

SO WANT THIS bro! Let's hope they announce it soon. Price point? I have a bad feeling they're gonna use the BMF as the reference point...*sniff*

It'll be great if they can at least give us a cockpit that can house 4 Imperial troopers/officers (as per your picture). Great also to hear that they'd be giving us a speeder bike with it as well!

Thks for the shout out btw bro! :)

Little Plastic Man said...

No problem Rebel.
I so want this also, hopefully the price is reasonable!

desmond said...

Look forwards to see the actual products!!

saruman said...

whatever the price might be. I'll be getting them! (hope it will be reasonable though). Let's hope that they will re-produce the MF to scale as well, unlike the present version which is quite out of proportions.. well sometimes (like the AT-AT)dreams do come true!


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