Friday, March 5, 2010

Iron Man 2 spotted

Was out shopping yesterday afternoon when I spotted Iron Man 2 figures at Takashimaya Singapore.
There was a sign stating that the figures were at a special introductory price of $16.90.
Too bad I am more into 12" figures or else I would have gotten some of them...:)

Special Price

Lots of Iron Man!


Juliana said...

I saw these Iron Man 2 movie toys at Taka this week too! They look nice, and I'm glad that the retail price is lower this time. Looking forward to seeing the movie sequel! :D

LEon said...

Good thing they reduce the price. I think it really getting to them that 18.90 is just too much for a 3.75". Now I learned to wait. LOL

The Rebel said...

Wow! U guys have 'em already down under? Haven't seen those yet anywhere in KL.....

I'd only buy if they are truly different from the 1st movie versions....I'm not too keen on repaints either....heheh....

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Juliana, I am also excited about the movie sequel.
Yes Leon, the prices for these figures should go down in the future but there are some sweet figures in this series like the Mark 2.
Rebel - I guess it should reach KL soon!


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