Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Medicom Kubrick Tron Light Cycles

Tron is a 1982 American action science fiction film by Walt Disney Pictures. It had a distinctive visual style, as it was one of the first films to use extensive computer graphics.

My first impression of the movie when I watched it for the very first time was "Damn! (ok I was too young to know that word) Those light cycles are cool!" Ever since then, I fell in love with the design of the light cycles.

When I started collecting toys, I was always on the lookout for them. During one of my "surfing trip" to eBay, I came across Medicom Kubrick Tron sets. They produced 4 sets (Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D) for the movie.

Set A consists of Tron, Yuri and the Orange Light Cycle.
Set B consists of Flynn, Tank and Red Light Cycle.
Set C consists of Soldier, Recognizer and Yellow Light Cycle.
Set D consists of Sark, MCP (Master Computer Program) and Blue Light Cycle.

I only managed to get Set C and D but my favourite set has to be Set B because the red light cycle looks the best and I also love the design of the tank!
Truth be told, I am not really into Kubrick so I will not be reviewing the Soldier, Recognizer, Sark and MCP that came along with the gorgeous light cycles.

Even though the light cycles are Kubrick design, but I think they look pretty close to their screen counterpart. The actual design is already cool and to have it in full plastic glory to display is God-sent!
The painting is clean and it manages to bring out the vibrancy of the colours. Hence I think the red light cycle is the best looking as compared to the other color light cycles.

In the movie, the light cycles create a wall of light behind them as they move and this is exactly what we get. We get the wall of light for each light cycle and they are actually your display stands as the light cycle can't stand without them. How cool is that! Without the wall of light, the toy would not look half as good when displayed.

Overall, I love the light cycles. They were the must-have in my collection and I am still on the look out for Set B!

Set C - Yellow Light Cycle

Set D - Blue Light Cycle

They look good when displayed together!


Rafys78 said...

Looks cool, kawai.

I thought it was Darth Maul that got run over..

desmond said...

I remember there will be a CG movie coming out this year, is that the one??

LEon said...

Didn't know medicom had these. Really nice look Light Cycles. Can't wait for the movie. LOL

Jcee said...

I've never watched the first one since I think it's before my time, but I am quite interested in the upcoming Tron Legacy, looks really cool! I even have the yellow light cycle as my wallpaper on my laptop haha! Check out the trailer if you haven't already:

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice! The board attached projected the effect of speed just like the movie.

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes does look cool!
No Des, this is from the 1982 Tron movie but there will be a new Tron movie coming out this year!
Yes Leon, the new movie looks promising!
Hi Jcee, the trailer looks cool! And the movie looks promising!
Yes Dennis, I really like the really enhances the whole toy!

saruman said...

Wow! Light cycles from TRON! a must buy if they are going to make a new ones from the new movie! (now where's my kaneda's bike?)

Little Plastic Man said...

You are so right saruman!


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