Sunday, October 3, 2010

Enterbay Ip Man

The movie Ip Man was a 2008 semi-biographical film based very loosely on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun. One of his more famous students was Bruce Lee. Ip Man was played by Donnie Yen.
The movie was a success. It was nominated for 12 Hong Kong Film Awards and won Best Film and Best Action Choreography.A sequel titled Ip Man 2 was released in April 2010.
I loved the movie and thought that the casting of Donnie Yen as Ip Man was a good call. Unfortunately the sequel was a disappointment.
I was pleasantly surprised when Enterbay announced that they will be doing an Ip Man figure. Before this, I have never owned an Enterbay figure. However when the photographs of the head sculpt came out, it was a figure I would certainly get.

The packaging is very simple with the picture of Donnie Yen practising Wing Chun on the wooden dummy. Even though it is simple, I am kinda drawn towards it.
When you open up the box, you will find a piece of paper depicting the drawings of the 165 strokes of Wing Chun martial arts. Pretty cool even though the drawings are too small to have any visual impact.

The 165 strokes of Wing Chun martial art

The sculpting here is fantastic. The resemblance to Donnie Yap is extremely close. The choice of expression for Ip Man's face is spot on! The expression chosen by Enterbay depicts the calmness and at the same time the instant focus of Ip Man when he is confronted with danger. I don't think any other expression would have worked.
The painting is also extremely well done and defintely enhances the already fantastic head sculpt. With great sculpting and painting, it really blew me away.

Excellent head sculpt

With this figure, you can display him in 2 outfits. One is in his iconic black Chinese suit and the other is his white Kung Fu shirt which he wears when he practises his Kung Fu. Too bad we don't get an alternative head so we can have 2 Ip Man displayed in different outfits. The outfits are done pretty well but I felt that the black Chinese suit was slighty stiff. However it falls nicely over the figure.

The figures comes with 4 Interchangeable Wing Chun Hands which will allow you to pose him in different Wing Chun poses...all 165 poses to be exact!

A nice accessory is the chicken feather duster which in the movie, Ip Man uses it to defeat a challenger.

But the nicest and most interesting accessory is the Wing Chun wooden dummy with tile print metal stand. Now you can display Ip Man practising Wing Chun on the wooden dummy. This is defintely very cool.
The figure's black Kung Fu shoes are equipped with magnet chips! As the stand is made of metal, this allows the figure to be firmly attached to the stand. This opens many more posing opportunities without the fear of the figure falling off your shelf!
This is defintely a very cool idea. I hope other companies can use this approach too.

Wing Chun wooden dummy with tile print metal stand

Other accessories

Kung Fu shoes with the magnet chips

Overall this is a very cool and well done figure. Love the movie and the actor. I am glad I have an Ip Man in my collection.

The master is ready for his work out!

A little video I did using a stop motion app from
my Iphone.


desmond said...

Bro, you bought Ip Man already. I didn't get it because I saw the actual figure last week. I am still considering as the facial sculpt is not up to my expectation. I like chicken feather duster and wooden dummy can be made a little bigger. The articulation of the neck is not good as the figure seems like staring upwardly..No offence bro!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Des...none taken man! To each its own. Personally I love the head sculpt but I agree that the neck's articulation is not good.

Armand said...

I have to agree with Des on this one Adrian. The headsculpt we saw during the production of the figure looks way better than the final product. But yeah to each its own my friend :)

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

his neck's bothering me as well, but if u're a huge fan i think it's just a small matter, just like my prince dastan's neck. hate it. but overall i still like it. hohoho

Little Plastic Man said...

I still like this figure...:)

Little Plastic Man said...

I finally looked at the prototype head sculpt and yes I agree that it is not as good as the final product. However I think it is more of the paint job rather than the sculpting...


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