Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Plastic Man Presents: FlatHeads Series 5

People's FlatHeads project has not been successful as I have yet to recieve any designs...:(
As I am still very much for the idea of the People's FlatHeads project, I am still open in receiving your designs. Once I get enough, I will launch the fingers crossed.

However the cutting, folding and glueing must go on so...

Little Plastic Man is proud to present: FlatHeads Series 5.

You can view Series 1, Series 2 , Series 3 & Series 4.

Download FlatHeads Series 5
Download FlatHeads Series 4
Download FlatHeads Series 3
Download FlatHeads Series 2
Download FlatHeads Series 1
Download FlatHeads Blank Template
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blue mice army said...

so cool man~!

chrismandesign said...

don’t worry man... that’s a good idea (the other people Flat Heads), but u must b patient, who knows myb u will receive a great surprise =D... u must continue

hendy said...

dear Little Plastic Man.. our paper crafts are awesome.. btw.. i want to share your pattern to children in my town and i sell it for the source only.. can i?
it's about 1/7 1 singdollar..
i need your permision to do this..
i only sell to take back costs with no profit..

hendy said...

oh ya i'm forgot.. i'm from indonesian and you can e-mail me to


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