Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jakks Pacific Smurfs Movies

The Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs) is a comic and television franchise centered on a group of small blue fictional creatures called Smurfs, created and first introduced as a series of comic strips by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo on October 23, 1958.
I love the Smurfs cartoon and I remember watching it on the television every Sunday and humming to the tune "La La La La La La..."
At that time, Schleich was the company that was producing the Smurfs figures and are still at it today. I did a review on some of my childhood Smurfs figures.

Papa Smurf always says...

With most comics titles being made into movies, how am I not surprised that the Smurfs have now gotten their own motion picture.
I have no idea how the movie will turn out as I have not even seen the trailers. But based on the posters, I guess the Smurfs look decent enough.
I still like the original look though...:)
Jakks Pacific is the company that is producing the movie's toys.
I got myself the two-packs series of Papa Smurf & Clumsy Smurf, Smurfette & Gutsy Smurf and Brainy Smurf & Chef Smurf. Pity they did not include Grouchy into the 2 packs but is included in the Smurfs Movie Magic Moments Figure Gift Packs.

The packaging is very simple but oddly very eye catching to me. I believe I would be the minority but somehow I like the packaging design very much. Maybe it's because blue is one of my favourite colors. The packaging shows off the figures very well so good news for the MOC collectors.
The front of the packaging is almost the same for the 3 packs save for the different names denoting the figures you are buying.
However the back of the packaging is different as it has the picture of the figures you are buying.

The sculpting is pretty good. I guess as the Smurfs are CGI characters, the chances of producing decent sculpt are higher.
The painting is not bad but there are slop on Papa Smurt's eyebrow and beard.
Overall, the blue is very eye catching.

Guess what!
In the past, Smurfs figures (produced by Schleich) were plastic statues with zero articulation.
However, Jakks Pacific has decided to add some articulation onto the Smurfs.
Even though the articulation is super limited (shoulder & legs), I guess I am satisfied.
The only problem I have is that Smurfette legs are not articulated as compared to the rest of the figures. This makes her impossible to stand due to her heavier head.

There are no accessories at all except for Chef Smurf.
He comes with a spoon and meat dome.
Brainy does have a book but that is glued to his hand so I am not counting it as an accessory.

Overall, cute figures to have.

Papa Smurf & Clumsy Smurf

Smurfette & Gusty

Brainy & Chef

The Smurfs!

Now what were u thinking...


The Rebel said...

Cool Adrian! Haven't seen any of these around KL just yet. How much was these? And isn't "Chef" supposed to be called Greedy in the cartoon? I heard that for the CGI movie, he's split into two, Greedy and Chef...

Little Plastic Man said...

They are $13.90 for a pack.
Yes you are right...chef was called greedy...hmmmm

chrismandesign said...

hey, they look pretty fine !!! & as i said in ur previous Smurfs Schleisch post, the Jakks Pacific r more color accurate (Jakks rocks !!!)... i’m bout to watch the movie (myb the next weekend with some friends)... don’t u even think that i forgot my flat head, i’ve been really busy, so i’ll try to put my hands in this project soon =)

desmond said...

Bro, you have collected all of them??

Little Plastic Man said...

@chris - hahaha...will await your flathead...btw you are the only one...LOL
@Des - I left out Gargamel and Azrael. Mainly because of bad sculpt and they are the same size as the Smurfs so they will look super out of place when displayed with the rest of the Smurfs


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