Monday, October 10, 2011

TOYSREVIL's First Annual Zombie Pageant

I am taking part in TOYSREVIL's First Annual Zombie Pageant and have submitted a paper craft piece.

I was actually planning to launch my new paper craft called Emotional Jack (the boy whose emotion changes like the weather!)
Basically it is a paper craft which enables you to change the facial expression of Jack.
However when I found out that Andy was doing his First Annual Zombie Pageant, I had to convert Jack into a Zombie with multiple facial expressions!
I am contestant number 23!
Go down to this link and like Zombie Boy Jack! (show him some support!)
Voting ends on October 27th @ 11:59PM (+8 GMT /Singapore-time).

The Story of How Jack became Zombie Boy Jack
Like any other night, Jack was making his way home after his weekly session with his shrink.
In order to get home, he has to walk pass a secluded beaten up path next to a cemetery.
He has walked down this path thousands of times but this night proved to be different and life changing.
As he maneuver his way along the path, he felt a bite on his left arm.
He quickly looked down to see what was biting him. At first glance, it looked like a normal mosquito but as he looked harder, it was actually a Zombie mosquito!
From that night, Jack was never the same


chrismandesign said...

already voted for u... that story of how this boy became a zombie is somewhat harmless... i mean, it could b a lot more gory/scary BUAHAHAHAHA... oh, & the changing face, sounds for me like a Trexi =D

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks dude!
Not into the gory zombie stuff...LOL. Trexi...hahaha


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