Saturday, November 12, 2011

how2work x 3mix 12" Toy Story Toy Soldier Sergeant

Imagine the Toy Soldier Sergeant in the movie Toy Story blown up to 12" proportion.
Yes! how2work x 3mix did just that.
This figure immediately caught my eye when I was toy hunting in Taipei.
I just love this piece because it speaks so much to me.
It is a 12" green LITTLE PLASTIC MAN (toy soldier) from the movie Toy Story! Seriously what more can I ask for.
On yar...and it was also on discount...the cherry on top of the sundae!!!

The packaging is very simple.
No color at all, just the title, wording and the picture of the figure you are getting.
I usually display just the figures so the simple packaging does not bother me.
The figure is kept securely in the box hence there is very small chance of damage.

At first glance, I thought it was a single molded figure of those plastic-molded soldiers made famous in the movie Toy Story but blown up to 12" scale.
Yes I was still intrigued by it even though my initial thought that is was just a single molded figure.
However when I got my hands on it at the shop, I was surprised.
It actually had an internal articulated armature wrapped around by a rubber casing.
In another word, there is actually articulation in the arms, waist and neck!
How cool is that.

The sculpting is what it should be, those plastic-molded soldiers we used to play when we were kids.
Even though the sculpting is simple, all the details we are familiar with plastic-molded soldiers are there.

The only disappointing area is the color. It needs to be of a darker green. Well nothing is perfect...:P

There are no accessories.
There is a little gun attached to his hand. I don't considered that as an accessory.

If I am not wrong, there is a red and black version but I think the green is cooler as it stays true to the figure it was supposed to represent.

Overall, I love this unique piece.
It looks great displayed with my other 12" military figures!


alex teo said...

the BEST home it could ask for is with LPM ;p congrats on finding your mascot :)

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Perfection! i luv that-

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Alex. He will feel right at home with the other 12" figures...LOL
@ToyBox - Me too! Me Too!

chrismandesign said...

well, not my kind of toy, but surely a big piece of cake for those who like the simple and vintage stuff (fond memories of infancy, i guess)... now the inner articulation is something really cool... by the way, a nude 12" male figure next to a soldier is a bit disturbing, don’t you think so ??? LOL XD

Richard Irving said...

Really cool. I've been searching in the UK for one of these, but with no joy.


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