Saturday, September 1, 2012

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2012 Part 1

STGCC has become a permanent fixture in most pop culture euthusiasts' annual calendar since it started in 2009.
I must say that STGCC has been steadily improving since then and this year is the best of the lot!
This time round, STGCC 2012 is held at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and not the usual Suntec. I think this year it clashes with Comex (IT fair) hence the relocation to Marina Bay Sands.

This year the plan was to go with my fellow toy bloggers, namely Leon from Open the Toy, Dennis from Collect'em all and Desmond from Desmond Collection however it did not really go as planned.
I met Leon and Dennis at around 10am while Desmond was already there earlier as he was helping out at Invasion!
After we got our media passes we made our way into the convention.
Once we were in, we were surrounded by everything pop culture!
Camera in hand, we started snapping away fully engrossed and soaking in the atmosphere!
Before long, I was already on my own...LOL.
After I have explored the whole convention, a few hours had already passed and I had to go.
I whatsapped the guys to inform them I had to leave!
Basically I only met the guys for less than 10 mins and I did not even manage to catch Desmond.
Next time our gathering better be just a nice dinner and nothing to do with toys...hahaha!

On with my coverage of STGCC 2012!

The entrance of STGCC 2012. The coolest event of the year.
I often attend work related seminars at Marina Bay Sands and yes without a doubt STGCC is the coolest event, compared to the seminars I have attended...LOL

There was already a queue at around 9:45am to get tickets

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the convention will be Hot Toys booth. Just like last year, their booth was the most eye catching and outstanding.
Kudos to them for making the extra effort to do up a great booth.
When I was at the booth, just behind me was Hot Toys Master Sculptor Yulli & Kim.
Unfortunately I did not manage to take a photo with them...sigh. So close and yet so far...LOL.

The 3 Hot Toys STGCC 2012 exclusives
Captain America, Lt Jim Gordan and Angelica

Another outstanding and must see item at the Hot Toys booth is the Avengers diorama.
It makes you just want to spend all your $$ to get all the Avengers figures.
A really nice item which the photos don't do justice.

Hulk SMASH!!!
I must say the Hulk looks great!

Next up are the Avengers figures

Golden Age Captain America!

There is one section just for the different Iron Man suits.
Now you know the number of suits Iron Man has in just 3 movies!
Amazing. Did not take much photos of the suits as they are not new productions.

Another great licence for Hot Toys is Batman.
We have all seen the pictures on the internet but now you get to see 1/6th scale version of The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises for real!
This thing is huge and massive. Imagine the price for this if Hot Toys decides to put The Bat for mass market consumption!
Unfortunately, Hot Toys will not be producing this 1/6th scale of The Bat due to the sheer size and complexity of the project.
In my humble opinion, I think it does not make economical sense to sell this as the demand will be low for this (given the high price) and hence Hot Toys will not enjoy economies of scale and hence driving up cost. I have not even factored in the logistics nightmare!
I am just happy that they produced this prototype one-of-a-kind model so that fans can get to see it!

The 1989 Batman movie Batmobile with 1989 Michael Keaton Batman and Jack Nicholson Joker.

Another iconic Batmobile is the one from the Batman TV series with Adam West as Bruce Wayne.
This is really a cool 1/6th representation of the Batmobile. I wonder will Hot Toys be making a Adam West's Batman and Burt Ward's Robin 1/6th figures...

The tumbler.
Breaking the norm of how Batmobile should look like.

Also on display is the huge 1/4th scale Batman from "The Dark Knight Rises". HUGE....HUGE...HUGE!
It stands at 47 cm tall!
Way too big for me but really great to get to see it.

If the 1/4th Batman is too big for you, there is still the 1/6th Batman.
Just love it and happy that I pre-ordered this baby.

The DX11 version Joker. Surprised that Hot Toys decided to do another version of the Joker.
However it is really an improved version.

I am so getting this.
The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman figure.
Too bad the mask does not come off...maybe would have to wait for a DX version...hmmmm.

Other figures on display.

The Amazing Spiderman

X-Men First Class, Professor X

X-Men Wolverine.




Samurai Predator

Whew just blogging about Hot Toys made me tired...hahaha
More to come as I explore the other parts of the convention.


@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

GREAT coverage :) NiCe to see you there CHEERS

LEon said...

It is good for this short meeting up bro. You are right. We should come out for dinner so we can talk more. LOL


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