Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dragon Men In Black III Agent J

Men in Black is a 1997 science fiction action comedy film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The film was based on Lowell Cunningham's The Men in Black comic book series, originally published by Aircel Comics.
Due to its commercial success, it spawned 2 more movies.

The current 12" market is hot, with big players like Hot Toys, Enterbay & Sideshow picking up movie licences and producing some amazing figures. 
Due to its cult following, I was not surprised that the Men in Black licence was picked up by not one but 2 companies, Dragon and Enterbay.

After rounds of procrastination, I finally decided to go with Dragon's Agent J. 
On picture, I do fancy Enterbay head sculpt of both Agent J & K but not their price. 
Dragon's take on Agent J was pretty good while Agent K was a miss.
Finally my wallet had the final say and I went with Dragon's Agent J. 

This version is based on the 3rd installation of the MIB series. But seriously, Agent K was always in the same black suit and hence I felt that the figure could represent him in all the 3 movies. 

The packaging is very simple. 
The whole box is black with the title and name of the figure in white.
I guess we all know where they have saved to give us a decently priced 12" movie licenced figure.
The figure is not that secure in the box and the face tends to rub against the plastic.
I have seen some scratches and decolourising on other figures' faces so do keep note of that when choosing your piece.  

For that price point, the head sculpt of Agent J is pretty decent.
Anybody will be able to recognise Will Smith as Agent J in the sculpting.
The lack of texturing in the skin and mediocre painting makes the head sculpt less realistic. 
The flat paint ops on the eyes really hurt the sculpt causing the overall sculpt to be lifeless, however Agent J is not Agent J without his sunglasses so you can cover up that flaw with the glasses.
Based on the pictures on their website, the mass produced figures (the one that we get) are pretty off. I don't see those issues I complained about in the pictures.

I actually wanted to get the head sculpt from Enterbay and attach it to the Dragon's body.
However I was not sure if the head could fit the body plus the price for Enterbay's Agent J does not come cheap. In the end I dropped the idea. 

The suit is pretty well done and it fits the body very well.
It is made of some soft material which feels like velvet to the touch.

Much better with the sunglasses on...

The accessories are pretty limited. I really wished he came with some space weapons but all the weapons are packaged with Agent K (2012 & 1969).

The figure comes with:
Cell Phone
Time Stop Watch
A pair of extra hands

The Neurlyzer is a pretty cool accessory to have.

The stand is a no frills display stand. There are no indication on it to state that it came from a MIB licensed figure. I guess that's another area that helped to keep the price down.

Interestingly, Agent J comes with Special Frank the Dog.
If I did not recall wrongly, Frank only appeared in Part 1 & 2 of MIB and not part 3 of MIB which the figure is based on.
Frank did not appear in person in the threequel, but can be seen in a picture in Jay's room as well as on a Coney Island billboard as "The Incredible Speaking Pug". I guess that was reason enough...
Ok I am not complaining, Frank is a cute addition to have.
It is one solid piece with no articulation.

Overall, a pretty cool figure to have since I do like the MIB movies.
Pity I would most likely give Agent K a miss since I can't compromise on bad sculpting but good price for Dragon and great sculpting but high price for Enterbay...Well it means Agent J will go solo for the time being.


desmond said...

bro..u got the centurions and mask toys..take some photos and show us..haha...

Little Plastic Man said...

yes...will blog about them soon


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