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Hot Toys DX12 The Dark Knight Rises Batman

The Dark Knight Rises was the last installation of Nolan's Batman Trilogy.
To me, the second movie of the Batman trilogy was the strongest by far, but The Dark Knight Returns just manages to end the trilogy nicely.

Of all the Batman movies, I like Burton and Keaton's Batman.
However, Nolan and Bale's Batman is the most complete in terms of characters in the movie, character development and story line. 
Hot Toys got the licence to produce 12" figures from the trilogy and has since, churned out figures after figures from the 3 movies.
I don't know why but I never got around to getting the main character which is Batman. I got Two Face, DX Joker, Bank Robber Joker and even kit-bashed the nurse Joker...but never Batman.
When Hot Toys released DX12 The Dark Knight Rises Batman...I finally got my hands on it.

Hot Toys never fail to impress in their packaging and DX's packaging is right at the very top.
Everytime when I open up a DX figure, it feels just like when I was a kid opening up my Christmas presents...ohhhh the excitement.

The figure comes in a box secured with magnets. The design is very simple with a glossy bat logo on a greyish textured box. This time round, "Less is More"

When you first open the box, you are greeted with the blueprint of the Bat!
Yes we all know that the likelihood of getting this in 1/6 scale is almost nil but the blueprint was a nice addition. 

Even after opening up so many DX figures, it never fails to amaze me how they package the figure.
It looks so classy and sophisticated. Under the first layer which houses the main figure, you get the stand and his cape.

This being a DX figure, you get the PERS eye system which allows you to position the eyes anywhere you like. In order to use the system, you are given a spatula which has a little cup at the end to interact with the joystick in the head of Batman. I found it very hard to manouvre the joystick using that little spatula. 
The spatula also doubles up in aiding the removal of the mouth pieces.

For this figure, you get 3 interchangable mouth pieces.
The stern expression, the stern expression with the corners of the mouth down turned and the open mouth expression. I don't know why people don't like the open mouth expression...Bale does that expression a lot in the movie and I thought it was fitting to do that expression.
The sculpting of the mouths is amazing with all the wrinkles and details...and topped off with amazing painting which is expected of the super high standard of Hot Toys.
People are also complaining about the cowl that it is not movie accurate...seriously it looks damn fine. 

That little spatula
The 3 interchangable mouth pieces

Open Mouth

Stern Expression

Stern with corners of mouth down turned

What I like about this figure is that I get an additional Christian Bale head sculpt. The sculpt is based on the The Dark Knight Rises movie hence you get a more older and worn out Bruce Wayne look.
From the promotional pictures the sculpting is amazing but when I got it in my kinda looks different.
Even that little lump on the side of his nose is gone.
Regardless, it still looks amazing but if I got the sculpt from the promotional pictures I would be happier.

The additional head sculp of Bruce allows you to display Bruce in his bat suit without his cowl on, however I rather kit bash a Bruce Wayne figure in a business suit.
Just a note, the holes from the neck and neck connector are smaller and do not fit in your normal Hot Toys naked body without some alteration.
Thankfully I happened to have a 3R 1/6 GM622 Herbert Narrow shoulder Body which fits Bruce's head nicely.

The accessories you get from the figure are:
4 hands
1 grappling gun
2 Batarangs
2 mini mines
2 utility belts
1 sticky bomb gun
1 EMP rifle 
1 clip to attach EMP rifle to the Bat Pod

Since this is my first Batman, I was not sure how to open the utility belts.
As I don't want anyone to break the belts given that I almost did that, let me tell you, the catch is at the back of the belts.
The pictures will give you a better understanding on where the catch is.

From what I read from the web, the EMP rifle is the new addition from the DX02 version. Given that this weapon appeared in the The Dark Knight Rises movie, it was appropriate to get this extra "baby". It has light up features plus we are given an extra clip so that it can be attached to the about integration to the other go and buy the Batpod. 

Given that I don't have DX02 version, I was mightily impressed by the sticky bomb gun.
It can be collapsible into two parts and re-attached to form the gun. I was really impressed with the workmanship at this scale. 

We are given 2 belts. One is the articulated utility belt which you can attach the grappling gun at the back. I used this belt for the figure for my display.
The other is the utility belt with magnets which you can attach the sticky bomb gun.

The stand is pretty nice. However it does add height to the figure. Personally I dont like it as it means that this figure has to be displayed at the back as it will block most of the other figures if displayed in front. Well that is my personal perference.

Another point to note, the hook is packaged the other way round. As usual, me being the blur one, I just took it out and forced the stand onto the base. It almost broke the base. Remember to take out the hook and turn it the other way round.

Another area that impressed me was the batsuit. It is a fabric body-glove suit on which interlocking panels of armour are glued on. This makes the suit look super movie accurate.
However, I am not liking the cape. The cape comes with 2 pegs which you need to insert into 2 holes on the shoulder of the figure. The instruction is not really clear on how to do it so I am not sure if I have done it right. I have read some reviews but am still not clear if I have done it correctly.
I guess as long as it looks ok, I can live with it.

The figure without the cape to showcase the great Bat suit. 

Now with the cape. I guess it looks ok

Overall, this is an outstanding figure. The least you'd expect from a DX figure.
A nice figure to end off the Dark Knight Trilogy. 


desmond said...

Bro, thanks for sharing how to adjust the pers and to unhook the belts..i have not opened mine..hope everything is okay..anyway great review!

LEon said...

LOL it must be really hard to make the armor rise. LOL

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I have the figure as well. I totally love it. I had the same issues you did with the cape, but it's looking good. I do worry about stretching the body too far, but I try to go based off of some of the poses on the Hot Toys site.

Anonymous said...

Great piece! I have this figure as well. I was worried about the cape- but it looks like you've got it on right. What I do still worry about is how high I can put his arms, but I try to keep it close to what I see on their website.

D7ana said...

Are the mouth pieces on separate heads or do they fit over one "basic" head?

Just when I was getting adjusted to the idea of moving eyes ...

That suit is sharp. Looks great.

Thanks for sharing!

D7ana said...

Oops ... see that there are two additional head-cowl combinations - my goof. I understand now that I checked ALL of the photos.

David Acevedo said...

Actually they're just thin plastic cowl mock-ups to hold the mouth pieces.


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