Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hot Toys Black Widow

I am really starting to regret not purchasing or pre-ordering the Hot Toys Avengers figures. For those figures like Hawkeye, Thor and Captain America that have already been launched, they are quite expensive on the secondary market.
However, Black Widow was a figure that I decided to pre-order and buy because I liked how she was portrayed in the Avengers movie, not to say that casting Scarlett Johannson did not help.

I am surprised that the packaging is so basic and very simple. Not really what you expect from Hot Toys.
You get a outer slip cover that covers a box with a window in front.
The design on the outer slip is as simple as it gets - a face of Black Widow on a blue background in the front, after which there is not much graphic on the other sides.

The figure and her accessories are held nicely and securely in a plastic tray.

Hot Toys has always been exceptional is their sculpting but for Black Widow they may have been slightly off.
Hot Toys has set the expectation so high that anything less than perfect and we become more critical.
Believe me, the sculpt is still an amazing piece of work.
If I really want to be critical, I believe the sculpt is slightly too doll like and becomes unnatural.
It is hard to explain...just a bit off.

Just like the first they went with rooted hair. I think it was the right way to go rather than sculpting it.
They used gel to make sure the hair does not get messed up hence the hair is pretty hard. In the instruction manual they did say to use gel if you want to style it again.

The accessories are pretty light for Black Widow.
You get 8 different pair of hands, two pistols (which fit nicely in her holster) and two discs.
Of course the star of her accessories is the alien rifle from the Avengers movies.
It is very well sculpted and looks super realistic
As usual, you get the basic stand.

This is my first Hot Toys female figure and I must say it is great.
The female body is such a joy for posing and you can create very nice and natural poses.
I really had a great time posing the figure and taking photos.

The body suit no doubt is tight but it does not hinder the articulation.
Sometimes, we get figures with clothes that reduces so much articulation it gets frustrating.
For this figure the body suit works well with the body.

This is a great figure and will look cool with the rest of the Avengers figures. I have most likely missed the boat to get the full Avengers team together but there will be other toy collectors that will share the final team in pictures. I can't wait.


desmond said...

bro, HT improves a lot in the material used for making the doesnt restrict the body movement at all..get some great poses is not an issue at this point..

LEon said...

You are wise to pre-order her. Girl power indeed

The Rebel said...

She's also on my pre-order list. Like you, I'm not planning to get the whole team too.....just the select few....and Scarjo's here is definitely an automatic selection! She's heck of an improvement from the 1st version!!!


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