Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marvel Legends Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot

Not sure if it was due to all the hype and high expectations, Iron Man 3 to me was a disappointment. I found the creation of the many suits and the ability to control them with his mind, thus creating an army of Iron Men slightly over the top. The lack of a mechanic villain (like Iron Monger and Whiplash) also was disappointing...well just my humble opinion.

Hot toys continues to produce the 12" figures from the 3rd installation of the movie but this time they have decided to come out with the new die cast collection for suits.
It sounds like a great idea to introduce the die cast collection for the Iron Man 3 given that PlayImaginative is producing their Iron Man in die cast through the Super Alloy series.
But...wait, it is now even more expensive on top of already expensive Hot Toy figures.
Well I guess there goes the idea of collecting more suits from the movie.

So if Hot Toys figures have gone too expensive, we turn to the smaller 6" figures from Hasbro's Marvel Legend Iron Man 3 series.
Wait a minute...when did a 6" figure become so expensive! In Singapore, they are retailing at $39.90.
Because I had $20 shopping vouchers, I decided to pick up the Iron Patriot even though I am complaining it is so expensive...Heck I am weak!

I like the packaging.
It is attractive and at the same time it keeps the figure in place and safe.
Best of all there are no twistees and you can easily release the toy from packaging without much fuss.

I find the overall sculpting of the figure really well done. I am not a collector of the Marvel Legends series so I am not sure about its standard but compared to the last 2 Iron Man movie figures, I think it is a huge improvement.
Only pity is that the shoulder gun is not as detailed.

Even though there is an occasional paint slop which is common in these figures, the overall paint job is pretty well done. The details like the name of LT Col James Rhodes on the suit is clear and well painted.
The painting also makes the suit metallic looking which is a super plus point for me!

I also love the articulation on this figure.
It allows for many poses and it was great fun taking photos of it.
Overall a very nice figure but at that price point it is really not worth it.
Such a pity that a toy needs to go to that kind of price point.


The Rebel said...

Holy rip-off! Really? SGD49.90? That's like RM120+ for us Malaysians over's just RM69.90 (or SGD30 for you guys) over here in, even Hasbro can't decide on the consistency in pricing.

chrismandesign said...

hi there... i didn’t now that Hasbro had made an Iron Patriot for its Marvel Legend Series... for me it looks really good and very poseable !!!... and now that you mentioned the price point, actually i think is pretty fine for this line (i do collect some Marvel Lengends figures, specially from the ToyBiz era) and that’s the usual price or a bit more (some specific figures of the ToyBiz era can easily reach more than US$100)... i think that the sturdiness and playability are the main reasons why these figures almost all the times are worth... the QCs issues are unavoidable and forgivable in most of the cases and Hasbro has made some noticeable improvements... looks like i’m an advocate of Marvel Legends... LOLOLOLOL

Little Plastic Man said...

@ Rebel - LOL..It was $39.90...but still expensive.
@ chrismandesign - Its good...but the price is still an issue to me...haha


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