Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hot Toys Avengers Thor

After getting Hot Toys Black Widow from the Avengers, I managed to get my hands on Thor for a pretty reasonable price on the secondary market.
Looking at the prices of the other Avengers, I don't think the other teammates will be hooking up real soon...

The packaging is very simple and the same for the whole Avengers line.
You get a outer slip cover that covers a box with a window in front.
Thor's face is on a grey background at the front...and well that's about it for graphics.
The figure and all its accessories are secured nicely in the plastic tray and taking out the figure is very easy.

The Black Widow sculpt to me was slightly off but for Thor, I think it is perfect.
The sculpting is amazing especially the hair. I think this is a much better sculpt as compared to the first Thor figure.
For Black Widow they used rooted hair which is supposed to be the most realistic but Thor's sculpted hair is  just as good!
The sculpting managed to capture the flow of Thor's golden flock very naturally and realistically.
On top of the excellent sculpt, we get Hot Toys' ever reliable and amazing painting, you get an excellent figure.

Thor's accessories comes with 6 interchangeable hands, hammer of Mjolnir, Tesseract containment tube and stand.

Accessories for Thor seems to be on the light side but with the hammer of Mjolnir and the Tesseract containment tube included, I am happy.
I must say the stand out accessories (not much of a competition) must be these two items.

The metal hammer is really cool with the leather carry strap. It is all too realistic.
I am not sure if it is a reissue from the first Thor figure but I really like how the hammer turns out.
It is pretty heavy so the figures' arm may not be able to hold certain pose with the hammer for a longer period of time.

Tesseract containment tube is also another gem.
It looks amazing with all the would be perfect if it had light up feature for this...:p

The suit is also nicely done however it is pretty restrictive to the figure's articulation.
I am happy that the cape is already attached to the figure, I did have problems attaching the cape for the DX12 The Dark Knight Rises Batman.

Overall, this is an awesome figure. A great addition to the Avengers team.


The Rebel said...

Hahaha...great one towards the end!

I still haven't got the time fiddle with my Thor yet.

desmond said...

Glad you got it..


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