Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hot Toys MM T800

When Hot Toys start to produce figures for the Terminator 2 Judgement Day series, I told myself I was going to pick up only the bad guy from the series which was the T-1000.
However every time I looked at my display, I always felt that I was missing Arnie from my terminator collection. When I finally decided to get him, Hot Toys announced they were producing a DX version which had so much more accessories. I was excited at first but was really let down by the sculpting for the DX version.
I could not decide which version to get, do I sacrifice sculpting for accessories, thus I decided not to get any version. Fast forward till today, I finally picked up the MM version because I was leaning towards better sculpting but the good price was also a major factor.

The packaging is simple with a metallic silver outer sleeve with Arnie's face on it.
Even though the packaging design is simple, I understand the concept that Hot Toys was going for.
I also like this kind of packaging as everything is packed nicely on one tray.

Everything is nicely packed onto 1 tray.

The sculpting is the main reason why I chose this version over the DX version.
Hot Toys did everything right in capturing Arnie's feature and the expression is dead on for the character.
The painting is also 1st class and enhances the already perfect sculpt.

The leather clothing is very well made and fits the figure very well.
The details to the jacket are amazing but I wonder if the clothing will stand up to Singapore's climate.

What I get for the perfect sculpt, I sacrifice in terms of accessories.
I guess at that time when this guy was produced, everyone was satisfied with the accessories as you get 6 pairs of hands, the shotgun and the flowers which he used to hide the shotgun where he first met John Conner in the shopping mall. Heck! You even get his blood drenched robotic arm when he cut his skin to prove that he was a cyborg of the future, which by the way is a very cool accessory.
However if you compare the accessories between this and the DX version, the DX version wins hands and legs down with the mini gun and grenade launcher.
Yes you are all thinking that the DX version is priced higher than this version, however at the time when I was buying this fellow I could have gotten the DX version for just S$30 more.

Being subjective, the accessories are cool especially the additional robotic arm

The robotic arm is a very nice addition to this figure and displaying the T800 like this is also a cool option.

Overall, this is a figure that completes my terminator collection. Heck he is after all the main character.
I am pleased I got him especially for the price I got.
Well like the saying goes, what is yours will eventually be yours.

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