Thursday, October 31, 2013


Nerf is a toy brand created by Parker Brother and owned by Hasbro. The most notable of the toys are the dart buns which shoot ammunition made from Nerf foam. The guns are targeted at boys and come in many varieties and cool designs.
When they decided to target the girls, they came up with Nerf Rebelle which were mostly made up of bows and cross bows. Why bows and cross bows?

In action movies, the girls are usually seen with bows as their weapons as the boys take up the guns.


Hunger Games



Orlando Bloom...hmmm maybe an exception

Come on...Nerf is stereotyping here.
Girls can be bad ass too and they can handle big ass guns!



Sarah Connor

The girls from Sucker Punch!

Point Proven!


Jeremy [Retro] said...

good call on the references, look at the toy stores for girls. it ovens, babies and household items. boys its cars, balls and sports.

we as a world seem to want to put little girls into their rolls and boys into theirs... so it's sort of a step up, though i wouldn't mind having a cool crossbow even it were pink...

James said...

The bigger problem is that the "girls" bow and arrow shoots tiny normal darts while the "boys" bow and arrow shoots special giant arrows.

Little Plastic Man said...

In a way crossbows and bows are pretty cool...look even the uruk hai uses them but their arrows are huge and badass

Anonymous said...

People who say bows are just for one gender or the other should take a lookmat Game of Thrones


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