Monday, March 3, 2014

Hot Toys Man of Steel

I am not a comic book person hence I only know Superman through the movies.
To me, Christopher Reeves is the only Superman I can relate to.
He played Superman from 1978 to 1987 over four movies.
It took another 15 years before the fifth Superman film, Superman Returns, was produced with Brandon Routh taking the helm as the Man of Steel. The film acted as an alternative sequel to Superman and Superman II ignoring the events from Superman III and Superman IV.
However we all know how that went and Superman was rebooted to Man of Steel. This time Henry Cavill takes over as the Man of Steel.
Personally the movie was average but I do like Henry Cavill as the new Superman.
The new suit "throws" out the traditional design and it takes getting used to but overall it grows on me.

I like the design of the packaging.
Its simple but very impactful.
The logo takes center stage and it does the job, design wise.
As usual, the figure is secured nicely in the packaging so you can take the figure out without damaging the box.

When you open the flap, the texture of the packaging changes.
Hot Toys uses the same texture and patterns found on the new Superman suit.
I found it kinda cool and was definitely a nice touch.

As usual, the sculpting from Hot Toys is first class.
The likeness of Henry Cavill is very good and the expression chosen is also appropriate.
Everything looks amazing, something we expect given the high price point.

One major point to highlight is the new suit.
The pattern of the new suit is complex and insanely difficult to replicate especially on a toy.
This is where Hot Toys excels and the suit looks really good and the detail is insane. All the little pattern and design are captured on a 12" figure.
The red cape falls nicely over the figure's shoulder but does not come with the wire inside hence you can't do any dynamic cape poses. People are selling the articulated red cape if you want you can change out the cape.
There is talk on the internet that the logo is way too low and it is not movie accurate. Looking at the movie screen shots, they are not wrong but seriously I am not particular. It looks perfectly okay to me.

The suit fits just nicely over the body which in turn hinders some articulation.
I did not dare to do any extreme poses for fear of tearing the suit.
Also the suit tends to wrinkle at the joints if they are bent.
I am not sure if this will cause damage to the suit over a long period of time, hence I am not posing him in poses that requires the bending of the joints.

The accessories are pretty light for this figure.
You get 4 pairs of interchangeable hands, one small and large version of the Krypton Command Key.
The small version is in the scale for the figure while the large version is a 1:1 scale replica of the key.
I really don't know what to do with the key replica.
At first, I wanted to display it by framing it up but the overall design and look is not really outstanding hence I just tossed it back into the box.

The large and small version of the Krypton Command Key size by size.
The small version of the key is really very small so if you are not careful, in a blink of the eye you might just lose it!

With this figure, we get Hot Toys new posable stand with the Superman logo as the base.
The posable stand is very cool and sturdy and it is very good for flying poses.
Another figure that comes to mind which can benefit from this kind of stand is the Amazing Spiderman figure.
Even though the base is pretty big and will take up a lot of valuable display real estate, I just had to display him with it. He just looks complete in a flying pose!

Overall, this is really a nice figure.
There is potential for this new Superman and this new generation should have a new Superman they could relate to.

Using the posable stand to get great flying poses!

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desmond said...

Bro, a great figure to have in our collection. The cape colour should be similar to the one used for Superman Return..A bit darker :P


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