Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keroro MK II

Not too sure about this character but my nice colleagues bought me this set for Christmas.
There is some assembly needed (nothing too hard) and when you are done with all 5 of them, they can combined into 1 big robot. Super cool!

It was enjoyable assembling it and I think it looks very nice and cute.

Got some info of Keroro off the web.

Keroro is a fictional manga and anime character and the main protagonist of Mine Yoshizaki's Sgt. Frog series.
Keroro is a sergeant of Planet Keron's Army, and the commander of the Keroro Platoon.
Despite his role as leader, Keroro can be lazy and cowardly at times. He can be extremely selfish, sometimes sacrificing his friends wellbeing for his own safety. Keroro constantly schemes plans to siphon money from the people of earth to either fuel his invasion schemes, or to buy more Gundam models.

Because of his everyday life as the house cleaner in the Hinata household, Keroro is an exceptional cleaner and curler.
Though Keroro often displays no combat prowess whatsoever, he was responsible for the scar across Giroro's eye. If Keroro is exposed to an environment with high humidity, he will slip into a state of mind where he is his former self from "Back Then". During which, he will actually act as a more competent captain, issuing Natsumi's restrain and going forth with the invasion of earth. The only things that can free him from this mania is either Fuyuki's rage, or an attack by a Nyororo.

According to the anime, Keroro's biggest fear is his own father. Furthermore, Keroro slips on any banana peel laid out in front of him. Whenever Fuyuki says the word 'friend', Keroro becomes consumed with feelings of guilt. In addition, he dislikes capsicums. Keroro is also a drooling otaku for all things Gunpla, which is by far his biggest weakness.

Interesting character.

The 5 characters...........


Very cute and well designed

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