Sunday, June 29, 2008

NECA Alien & AVP Requiem Alien Warrior & Hybrid Alien

Aliens galore!

Today I will be looking at NECA Alien from the first movie & AVP Requiem Alien Warrior & Hybrid Alien.

Never gotten my hands on the Mcfarlane's version so can't really compare. However I really like the NECA's version very much.

The sculpt is really good and detailed. I especially like the head sculpt most. It even comes with the extendable Alien tongue thingy! NECA is producing some fantastic sculpt at this scale.
Even though NECA describes it as a 7" scale action figure, it's actually stands at 9". NECA has also done it at 18" scale.
It has 20 points articulation but I could not find many poses for it.
The figure does not come with any base or accessories (a few face huggers would have been nice). Mine tend to fall over when displayed. It got so frustrating that I used one of the NECA's Harry Potter base for it! Hopefully it will stay still!

Next is the AVP Requiem Alien Warrior & Hybrid Alien.

Hated the movie. Never finished watching the DVD to be honest!

Like the Alien figure, the sculpt is excellent. Again I love the head sculpts best. For these 2 figures, it comes with a base (can be broken into 3 pieces) and no accessories. Again, I found little poses for it.


One bad ass Alien!

Beautiful Head Sculpt

Ready for the kill!

Hybrid Alien

Again..beautiful head sculpt!

Alien Warrior

One tall Alien!

The best of all Aliens - The original Alien from the first movie

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