Saturday, August 30, 2008

Coca Cola Miniature Collectibles

Got the information that 7-11 was selling this Coca Cola set from Desmond, so I quickly went out to get them.
The set comes with fridge, open chiller and eight different food packs (contents are listed on the package). Getting all eight sets of the food packs will not fill up the chiller and fridge but with creative placing of the drinks and food, the fridge and chiller look like they are well stocked!
The scale is a bit small for 12" figures, a bit too big for 6" figures and definitely too big for 3-4" figures. I think they look just right for 9" figures (not much figures come in this scale)
Great item! The price was reasonable and it looks great!
Great for Coca Cola and Toys collectors!

I think it fits the 9" NECA Alien figure nicely

Always Coca-Cola


Juliana said...

Hey I like this set, with it my action figures won't go 'hungry' or 'thirsty'!

Great photos of your action figures posing with the set too.

Thanks for posting this and for dropping by my blog!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks! I like visiting your blog because it has many interesting and informative posts on toy collecting.:P

LEon said...

I just got this set and I have to say putting the cans and the bottles drinks in it take a lot of effort!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes Leon, it was a pain to put the cans and bottles into the fridge especially someone like me with fat fingers..:P


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