Sunday, August 17, 2008

New EPL season (2008/09) is here

As a loyal supporter of Liverpool and fan of soccer, I am relieved and happy that the new EPL season has finally started. During the last few months before the season started, my weekends were filled with emptiness as I suffered EPL/Liverpool withdrawal syndrome..LOL

As a Liverpool supporter, every season I hope that they do well and win as many titles. This season is no different and I have decided to put on my blog the 4 trophies that are up for grabs.
If Liverpool is unable to win that trophy, I will cross it out. Hopefully as the season ends, there are not much crosses..:)

Bring it on!!!

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Juliana said...

Well believe it or not, my mom is an EPL fan, especially Liverpool.

However during the past months when there was no coverage on cable TV, she ranted about paying for the sports channel and not getting free full Euro Cup live telecasts to make up for no EPL.

I was like, speechless...


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