Monday, August 18, 2008

Megahouse Genesis Climber Mospeada

Got this toy a few months back but was too lazy to convert the cycle to the armor suit. It was only last weekend that I finally sat down and tried to transform it. The figure looks really good after the conversion that I had to take photos and post it.

Take your time to transform it as it can be quite frustrating to do so. There is a need to take certain parts out so be very careful not to snap anything off in the process (I kinda snap off the cycle's handles). There are also quite a few very small parts involved so take your time and read the instruction carefully.
After you done it once, its quite easy to transform it back and vice versa. But I don't think you will bother to do so.
In terms of main accessories, there are 2 heads sculpt (one with helmet and one without), 7 hands sculpt and targeting equipment. There is also a bonus part which will need fixing. Its basically containers which can be fixed onto the back of the cycle.

Overall, the figure looks really good but it can't stand on its own. You need the stand to keep it up.
If I am not wrong, Toynami & CM's Corp have there own version but judging from the pictures my vote is with Megahouse!

After transformation

Before transformation
Cruising along the highway


Bonus parts

Bonus parts

Greed of the corporate world

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