Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hot Toys Chubby Series 2 Starfighter Pilots, Stormtrooper/Clone Troopers & Jango Fett/Boba Fett

I usually would not pick up this kind of toy line but this is too damn cute not to. To add on to their irresistible cuteness, the removable pieces are actually very well designed and made!
Chubby take their lead from traditional Matryoshka dolls. A matryoshka doll, also called a stacking doll, is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other.
The smaller Chubby (those that will be placed into the bigger Chubby) has no sculpted detail, it’s all applied as stylised illustrated graphics while the biggest Chubby has its accessories.
Series 1 did not catch my attention and make me go out and spend $$ on it (maybe only Darth).
However, series 2 won me over.

There are 6 to choose from this series.

Stormtrooper/Clone Troopers -Clone MK 1, Clone MK 2 and Stormtrooper
Jango Fett/Boba Fett -Young Boba, Boba and Jango
Starfighter Pilots-A-Wing, Y-wing and X-Wing
Luke-Tatooine, Bespin and Jedi
Leia-Slave. Endor and Boushh
Ewoks-Wicket, Chief Chirpa and Logray

Unless you are in for the complete set, I think you would most probably pick up Stormtrooper/Clone Troopers, Jango Fett/Boba Fett & Starfighter Pilots.
The accessories for the biggest Chubby are very good, especially the X-wing pilot's helmet and Jango Fett's helmet & backpack. The X-wing pilot's helmet can actually pass off as a scaled replica.
The only complaint for this series is that the white of the stormtrooper's helmet does not blend with the rest of the body, which is more glossy.
Each one also has a magnetic small pair of feet that act as a stand.
Obviously there would not be articulation expected but with the magnetic pair of feet, there is actually some articulation in them (I will illustrate in some photos below).

Overall, very cute and cool figures for display. I think it would also look very nice on your office's desk and you may get your lady colleagues coming over to say how cute the figures are!!

The packaging is pretty cool

Jango Fett/Boba Fett

Smallest in first...

Next come Boba...

And Jango Fett!

I really like the backpack


Stormtrooper/Clone Troopers


Starfighter Pilots

Details on the helmet is very good


There is articulation...if you look hard enough!
Slam it to the left, if you're having a good time

Shake it to the right, if you know that you feel fine ...

Usually it does not come out as plan
at the first attempt...


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The SD X-wing pilot is super cute! I cam understand why you pay these.

Little Plastic Man said...

Cute right!! Also the price is not that expensive...

Shin said...

Ur pics very cute. The last one veri funny.

Joshua said...

looks pretty awesome brother!

really cute collection...loved the picture of the shake to left and right!

real awesome!

desmond said...

Yes, me too. I like the pictures where the figures shake to the left and right. Creative cute ideas!!

Alysha said...

I usually like to get these kinds of toys.

cosmicbaby said...

they are so cute! & you made them even more so!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks guys!


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