Monday, November 10, 2008

NECA Gremlins Gizmo, Stripe & Brain

Will break from posting LOTR figures and post something new for a change!

"Remember to keep them out of the sunlight and don't ever get them wet. No matter how much they cry, no matter how much they beg, never ever feed them after midnight..."

That were the rules if you wanted to keep a Mogwai as a pet.

Gremlins was comedy horror film directed by Joe Dante and released in 1984 by Warner Bros. It is about a young man named Billy who receives a strange creature (called a Mogwai) named Gizmo for Christmas. Gizmo is highly intelligent and proves to be a very gentle and well-behaved creature. Unfortunately, when water was accidentally spilled onto Gizmo, he instantly multiply & spawn five new Mogwai . These new Mogwai are much more aggressive than Gizmo. They are led by a Mogwai named Stripe which had a white mohawk-like hairstyle.
The new Mogwai managed to trick Billy into feeding them after midnight by tempering with his alarm clock. The Mogwai started to change into Gremlins which have green reptilian skin, sharp teeth, claws and extremely dangerous!

When NECA released these figures they were still pretty new in the area of movie's license figures. However they managed to come up with a very impressive Gremlins series.
In this series, it includes Gizmo, Stripe, Brain and Poker Gremlin. I only picked up Gizmo, Stripe and Brain because I felt that the Poker Gremlin was very similar to Stripe.
The sculpting is extremely good and there is a ton of accurate detail in the skin and faces. On top of that the paint ops is clean and extremely good.
Even though Gizmo is the main star of the movie but as compared to the rest he has the weakest sculpt. Maybe its just that Gizmo (in the movie) had the least details as compared to the Gremlins with their scaly green skin!

In this series, I just love the accessories! Gizmo comes with three Gremlin furballs and a pair of 3D glasses. The addition of the furballs were a great touch from NECA. Brain comes with his book on the history of civilization, and a flask, containing a green fluid. Stripe has six different types of candy bars and a bag of popcorn. I just love Stripe's accessories as they can also double up as 12 inch figures' accessories!

Overall, great figures. NECA has done great work in the area of 6 inch figures and can rival Mcfarlane. NECA in my opinion has also gotten the better licenses over the years as compared to Mcfarlane.


Gizmo with his furballs and 3D glasses


Brain's accessories


Tons of candy!

The accessories work well with 12 inch figures

It also works well with 3.75 inch figures too...LOL


desmond said...

These Neca figures are well produced. The likeness of the Gremlins is damn good. I like the accessories as what you said, its work well with 12inch figures. Worth collecting..bro!!

Joshua said...

agree with you desmond....these figures are very movie accurate...

it reminds me of the good old days when horror movies still were tasteful.

great post!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Watched all of Gremlins movie before. The movie is funny and Gizmo is definitely funny. Even played the game on Nintendo NES. Still remember the scene when Gizmo wore the red headband and armed itself with bow and arrow. Just like Rambo! Anyway, great collection!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks guys!! I also love the tune that Gizmo whistles in the movie!


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