Sunday, November 23, 2008

Paper Toys Pop Culture Junkie

Little Plastic Man & The Pop Culture Junkie present the Pop Culture Junkie Paper Toy (first announced on 15th Oct 2008). It was based on the design by The Pop Culture Junkie.
The figure comes with a removable adidas cap & base.
Overall it was a fun project to work on and it's kind of cool that it will only be recognizable by my toy blogger buddies!
This is the first time I have created a base for my paper toy. The base was inspired by the banner from The Pop Culture Junkie's blog.

The inspiration for the figure

Closer look at his adidas shoe

The base


Armand said...

OH MY GOD DUDE!!! That is just super awesome! You even went and made the banner! Adrian my man, seriously! You gotta sell it to me!

This is by far the coolest paper model I've seen this year! Honestly you could make big bucks selling your paper figures.

Shaun said...

Adrian, this work really rocks! Just brilliant and it's great to see a collaboration between Armand and yourself. Really really cool, dude.

desmond said...

Hey bro! I like this set especially the figure itself. The oxygen mask is a surprise to me. Can make an extra one to me or not?? Haha!!

Joshua said...

flippin' awesome brother!

the whole banner as a platform and the gas mask cap and shoes...

man! it rocks!

Little Plastic Man said...

Armand - Thanks bro! Don't forget it's your design. So you have credit in this figure too! Seriously the workmanship is not that great...there are so much more better artists as compared to me!
Shaun - Yeah! It was a fun project especially as it was a collaboration with a fellow toy blogger buddy! Hmmmm...there is a certain Captain Pecker we can discuss...LOL
Des - The first prototype, the oxygen mask was printed on, however I felt a 3D mask would make the figure better.
Joshua - Thanks man!

Shaun said...

Adrian, you can knock yourself out with Captain Pecker, I'm sure he would be honoured.

LEon said...

That is 2D art made 3D Adrian. Really some work!


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