Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today at CSC...

Managed to catch Armand aka Pop Culture Junkie at CSC today.
He is in Singapore till Monday.
He managed to get his hands on the Bank Robber Joker for a pretty decent price...great score!!
I wonder when will my pre-order arrive...
Anyway, it was great to meet Armand again!


Joshua said...

same here bro...i'm wondering when mine would arrive too...haha!

how much did armand get his for?

Little Plastic Man said...

Originally it was $220 but because the box was slightly damaged, he got it at $210.

Armand said...

Hahaha! Cool setup Adrian. You should kitbash your very own Little Plastic Man. Spray the body green and presto!

Yay! Now Bats has got his other half. I was lucky to get 10bucks off. You scored your Joe's as usual, heh!

It was good to see you too Adrian. Thanks for dropping by. Always nice to see a familiar face. Till next time eh bro?

Little Plastic Man said...

Till next time bro!


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