Friday, August 14, 2009

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009 Part 2 - Little Plastic Man reports

Items that got me drooling! Good things must share!

Simply Toys' display and booth

Tonight we dine in hell....Hellboy you want to
join us?

Action City had some of the latest Hot Toys figures on display and on sale
12" fans don't miss this!

Hot Toys IRON MAN - 12 inches MARK III collectible figure (Special Version)
Unique painting in grey color
Sorry the picture turned out too dark due to the strong lighting.
It is really very nice and expensive...LOL

Hot Toys MMS DX Batman & Joker


U can tell from the number of pictures which MMS DX figure
I am going to get!

Hot Toys T-600 collectible figure (concept version)
This I almost purchased..however as a movie purist, I decided to get
the movie version instead (and cheaper also)

Marcus Wright

Have no interest in the below figures but they are really very pretty and beautiful. If I was really rich I might actually consider collecting these. Nice!

Hey are blocking my shot! LOL

More pictures to come. Look out for part 3!
You can read my part 1 coverage here.

More coverage of the event from my fellow toy bloggers:
Leon (Open the Toy)
Juliana (Juliana's Toys Collecting Tips)
Dennis (Collect'em all)
Zhi Hao (Kudomut)
Bayu (Daily Silence)
Joshua (The Stormtrooper Effect)
Alex (Toy Haven)
Ken (KenMoo2007)


The Rebel said...

WOW! *ENVY* mode...

Wish I had the chance to attend on of these someday....nice pictures Adrian! Btw, those Blythe dolls look kinda freaky to if they're gonna jump up anytime soon and call for "Andy"...heeheehee.....

Juliana said...

Hi Adrian,

I missed out on taking more detailed photos of the Blythe and Hot Toys displays. I'm so glad we all focused on different types of toys and items. Thanks for the coverage :D

Little Plastic Man said...

Hey Rebel...thanks! The Blythe dolls looked very nice on display. But is kinda scary if you think about it especially at night...LOL
Hi Juliana, your coverage on Hasbro was very comprehensive and good. Yes it was a good idea to focus on different things. It was also great to finally meet you in person.


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