Thursday, August 6, 2009

Takara Encore G1 Bruticus

I have never really liked the design of the transformers in the movie version. Hence I decided to sell away most of my transformers toys from the first movie and not buy any from the 2nd movie so I can fully use the money saved on the G1 design transformers (I can only afford re-issue ones!)
Bruticus is the combination of 5 transformers known as Combaticons. Even though Bruticus is not my most favourite Combiners (my all time favourite is Devastator), I still had to get him as I think all Combiners are super cool! The idea to combine 5 transformers to get 1 big transformer is one great idea...I wonder if the guy who thought of it got rewarded for it?
I just love the design of all G1 transformers (maybe it brings back great childhood memories) so my review will most probably be biased. 5 out of 5 for Bruticus.
Transforming the Combaticons and combining them to form Bruticus was an ease. You don't even need to look at the instructions.
Overall, a great figure to have. Please Takara give us Devastator!

Love the packaging design

Onslaught - Anti-aircraft truck mode
Torso of Bruticus

Robot mode

Blast Off - Space Shuttle mode
Right arm of Bruticus

Robot mode

Vortex - UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter mode
Left arm of Bruticus

Robot Mode

Swindle - Jeep mode
Right leg of Bruticus

Robot mode

Brawl - Leopard Tank mode
Left leg of Bruticus

Robot mode

And they combine to form Bruticus!!!


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