Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To-Fu Oyako

After reading the books, "I am Plastic" and "I am Plastic Too" by Paul Budnitz, I became quite fascinated by Designer toys.
Out of the many great designs, I particularly like To-Fu Oyako by Devilrobots.
Devilrobots was established in 1997 by Shinichiro Kitai (Art Director), Kenji Saito (Creative Director) and Seikou Kato; Yoshizo Yoshimura (Creative Director) and Takeshi Ikegami (Designer) joined Devilrobots when it became a limited company in 2000. They are known for creating graphics, toys, illustrations,designing and producing apparel and goods etc.
To-Fu is one of their most popular characters!

I admire the simplicity of the designs and yet it is able to capture one's attention. Simply amazing! I can even count my wife as one of their fans!

4 inch To-Fu Oyako

Poison To-Fu

Magnetic T0-Fu


LEon said...

Cool collection. I have 3 To-Fu now too in my collection and all 4 inches. LOL

Little Plastic Man said...

Yeah! To-Fu are cool!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Hey! The 4" To-Fu dude is like a big brother to the rest. I understanding for designer toys is shallow but they sure are cute.

desmond said...

Tohu figures..good to have..Anyway, have a happy new year to you and your loved one!!

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

love the tofu series, a friend of mine make this tofu toys as part of her house deco. superb...


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