Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bic Buddy Artist Series 1 & more Unicorno

I was actually planning to get more Unicorno when I stumbled across BicPlastic's Bic Buddy artist series 1.
BicPlastic have recruited the talents of 13 artists within street art and design for their first Bic Buddy artist series of mini figurines.
What caught my eye was the side profile of this figure.
I love it.
I got my hands on Kano.
It looks cool and I think I may get more from this series.

Now to the Unicorno.
I reviewed 2 Unicornos, Pogo & Peperino, not too long ago.
I really like the design and went to get more Unicornos.
I managed to get Ritmo and Bellina.
I like Ritmo because of its mane. It is sculpted like dreadlocks as I think Ritmo is supposed to be a Reggae Unicorno...
I got Bellina mainly because my wife likes it and I like it when she shows some interest with my collection.



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